Case Studies: Case Studies: Watt Utilities


Watt Utilities is a commercial utility consultancy, working with energy companies including British Gas, Npower and E.ON. Based in Manchester, the firm provides commercial companies with an efficient energy scheme in order to reduce overheads.

The challenge:

The firm was looking to expand and take a larger foothold in the commercial energy market but needed help to articulate an action plan to do so. The company culture revolves around a family spirit and the firm wanted to retain existing experienced and highly trained staff whilst expanding and recruiting new staff.


Peter Hunter, director at Watt Utilities, shared: “With the business aiming to supply some big commercial clients, the implementation of an efficient working environment is vital to achieve this.”




The solution:

The Business Growth Hub’s Growth Service Team worked with the company to put together their business plan, objectives and the resulting new recruitment strategy. The revised recruitment process, including the drafting of new person specifications, has been key to finding more new staff to support the achievement of the wider business objectives. The company have also collaborated with existing staff on their visions for the future and aligned targets and rewards in line with the company objectives.


“An effective recruitment strategy is vital for businesses that are looking to expand into new markets, ensuring that they hire not only the highest calibre of staff, both those that match the values of the company,” commented Sarah Ludford, business growth advisor at Business Growth Hub. “Creating a vibrant and interesting work environment also fosters growth, and we have seen many businesses stifle their expansion due to a lack of real incentives for staff to join or remain in the business. The firm is now in a position where it can take a real foothold of energy consultancy and Watt Utilities is looking strong for the future.”


The business is working to recruit 30 members of staff to support its expansion plans. Currently employing 50 people, it is projecting turnover of £15m by 2017, with a view to employ a further 70 customer service advisors, taking the total headcount to 150.

Case Studies: Watt Utilities
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