Case Studies: New sense of wellbeing at Healthy Headspace


Stockport-based Healthy Headspace help people improve their wellbeing at work by using everyday devices such as tablets, mobiles and PCs to monitor their work-life balance and develop ways of dealing with stress.  The company has developed innovative subscription based software to promote health and fitness through video footage, magazine articles and expert information.


“This approach enables people to delve into workplace wellbeing discreetly and create their own personal development path according to their interests and preferences,” explains director and owner Amanda Grainger, who has a successful track record of working with Marks and Spencer, Astra Zeneca and the Bank of New York Mellon.

The challenge:

Amanda set up the business in August 2015, investing her own money as well as taking out a £7,600 start-up loan, from Hub partner, Business Finance Solutions (BFS).  However, she was faced with the daunting task of running and marketing the business and was looking for support developing her plans.

The solution:

Amanda was referred to the Business Growth Hub by BFS and she started working with Hub growth advisor, Yousef Taktak.


After an initial assessment to establish the company’s growth potential, Amanda and Yousef developed a three year strategy, focusing on key areas such as turnover, profit, barriers to growth and social media.


They then worked on a 12 month business plan which outlined four strategic growth objectives along with timescales and advice on how to deliver them.  Amanda is now working on actions to deliver the objectives and is still supported by regular update meetings with Yousef.  The company forecasts a turnover of £200K in the third year of operations, employing two additional staff and gaining several lucrative corporate contracts to support growth.


The Hub’s digital team is now working with Amanda on cloud based CRM solutions and helping to replace a mixture of different software solutions with one robust system, she’s also attended the Hub’s ‘Understanding the Cloud’ masterclass.


Amanda is in touch with Hub partner, The Skills Company, to investigate the possibilities of recruiting an IT apprentice to run the in-house digital activity and drive further growth.


“It’s impossible to over-estimate the importance of the support that the Hub has been able to give me,” she says. “They’ve helped me plan for the future, overcome barriers and improve the way I use IT, which means I’ve now got the time to start working with larger clients and organisations.”


Yousef adds: “There’s a wealth of advice and support available from the Hub and the whole idea is that if your business has real growth potential, then we can help you every step of the way, from accessing new finance to finding an expert who knows how to make digital media work for you, and everything in between.”

“It’s impossible to over-estimate the importance of the support that the Hub has been able to give me”

New sense of wellbeing at Healthy Headspace
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