Case Studies: Coleherne and LightXcel


Coleherne Ltd, a white metal lined bearing manufacturer and laser cutting service in Tameside, has teamed up with local LED manufacturer, LightXcel, to cut the energy use of its lighting by 72 per cent.


Coleherne is an established family-owned precision engineering firm, offering custom engineering of white metal bearings and laser cutting, machining and folding services, while LightXcel is a specialist manufacturer of LED lighting based in Manchester.


Both companies received support from the Growth Hub’s Green Growth service.

The challenge:

In 2014, Green Growth undertook a resource efficiency review at Coleherne’s site in Hyde to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve environmental performance.


A key opportunity identified in the review was to upgrade Coleherne’s lighting. With the company’s 7000 square foot laser cutting facility operating around-the-clock 24/7, its metal halide high bay lighting was consuming over 58,000kWh of electricity a year. 


As the facility is in continual use, Coleherne sought a solution that would not disrupt its operations with the need for routine maintenance.

The solution:

By upgrading its lighting to high efficiency, long-lasting LEDs, Green Growth advisor Laura Bramley calculated that Coleherne had the opportunity to make significant energy savings. 


Green Growth put forward three local Greater Manchester LED suppliers from its low carbon sector growth programme, including LightXcel, which won the resulting tender.


LightXcel’s lighting solution required only 22 100W LED high bay lamps that over a year would consume just 16,500kWh of electricity. Its high bay LED lamps are engineered from high grade materials and components and are designed and built to last much longer than traditional lamps.


By saving some 41,600kWh of electricity, Coleherne’s new lighting has achieved an amazing 72 per cent reduction in energy use, saving £3,600 a year. 


The new lighting will also reduce Coleherne’s annual carbon footprint by over 42 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent), and its total investment will be paid backin just over one year.


“LightXcel are delighted to have worked with the Business Growth Hub’s Green Growth service as an LED lighting supplier”, said David Soon, director of LightXcel. 


“Through close cooperation we have been given a number of opportunities to offer smart lighting solutions to businesses that have made a significant impact to their bottom line.”


Peter Fahey, managing director at Coleherne, said: “I would have no concern in recommending LightXcel for a lighting project. From David’s first site visit through to installation and commissioning, I felt confident in the activities being undertaken.


“After installation a ‘before and after’ light analysis showed we have made an improvement with lower energy costs. Equally important were the comments of ouroperators, who were happy [with the new lighting] as we operate a 24-hour working pattern.”

“LightXcel are delighted to have worked with the Business Growth Hub’s Green Growth service as an LED lighting supplier”

Coleherne and LightXcel
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