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Growth Start-up

John Heaney of HH Films takes us on his growth journey, which came full circle this month, as they were the team filming our Financing Growth conference opening video.

The RED digital cinema company has been around for about seven years, but in that time it has revolutionised cinema production with its digital cameras. Films such as Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Prometheus have all been shot on these cameras. They’re simply years ahead of anything ever been seen before, which is why we needed them.

Having never had any sort of business loans, and certainly nothing on this scale before, going to a high street bank seemed like the logical choice when considering finance to purchase our equipment. However, among other things the bank needed us to have 50% of the loan and five years worth of statements as criteria for being accepted as loan worthy. Being a start up business we failed on every single count, regardless of how strong our business plan was. But, while I was there, the bank manager officially refused me a loan, which was the only criteria Business Finance Solutions team needed, and he helpfully made the introduction.

John Cannon was my contact at Business Finance Solutions and couldn’t have been more helpful in guiding me through the process of the business plan and championing our ideas. The process was superb, with each step being explained, and the business plan being judged on its merits. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone, and have done on many occasions.

So, just in time to supply the company’s first major job, the loan was accepted and we bought the RED camera and editing suite. Now we can take the expertise and skills we’ve all spent years working on, and use them to make something really special We can use these cameras to capture images at breathtaking incredible super high definition for short films, commercials, adverts, promos, corporate

We’ve got the passion, we’ve got the knowledge, we’ve got the people, we’ve got the hardware – in short, we’ve got everything we need to take us forward into a successful future.

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