Business Growth Case Study: atgUV

atgUV is a Wigan based business that has faced a number of barriers to growth over the past 5 years. atgUV are now at the top of their game and operating more profitably than at any time in the company's history. Sales Director Tony Leigh tells us how the Business Growth Hub was able to help them do it.

As one of the first businesses to call on our services, we wanted to know just how the Business Growth Hub team had been able to help a business in Wigan that is an industry expert in their field.

atgUV design and manufacture UV (ultraviolet) disinfection / treatment systems which are used in a wide variety of industries that rely on having microorganism free water. With a large and impressive portfolio of global blue chip clients, including the world’s leading soft drinks manufacturers, oil companies, water companies, electronics manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, atgUV are now at the top of their game and operating far more profitably than at any time in the company’s history.

atgUV Sales Director Tony Leigh tells us how they did it:

“Over the last five years we’ve faced a number of barriers to growth that had stopped us from really exploiting the huge global market for our systems. We needed to build the export side of the business but to do so we really needed to develop some increasingly complex products to support those markets. That meant investing considerable resources, expertise and money into the business including a high element of research and development, the need to find skilled people, outsourcing technical expertise, and developing improved manufacturing facilities.

“What really helped us was the advice and support we were able to access through the UKTI Passport to Export programme. The support we received for innovation and in maintaining contacts with other local companies through services like Envirolink has also been invaluable.

“As a result, in the last few years our business has grown from 15 to 50 people, based in two manufacturing facilities. Our reputation has grown around the world and we are now considered one of the leading companies in this field.

“We are really excited about the future and feel very confident that we have the tools, the team and the product to help us to grow even more. The business is a lot more confident and we’ve been able to take a much broader view of the markets that we operate in around the world. The future of our company is dependent on staying at the cutting edge of technology and we hope that the Business Growth Hub will help us to maintain and build on this.”

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