Mentoring case study: Jenifer Lord

Jenifer Lord has been working with her Hub mentor, Simon Jones of NatWest, to focus on the future financial growth of her business.

Jenifer Lord of left a 30 year career in the corporate environment to set up her own business working with people to help them maximise their creativity and productivity in both their work and personal life.

When she met with the Hub’s Growth Mentoring team, Jenifer was extremely focussed on her business, but needed support to plan the financial future of her business and in sales and marketing.

Jenifer was matched with Hub mentor Simon Jones of NatWest bank and Simon now provides a sounding board to help Jenifer to focus on future financial growth. As part of the commercial banking team at NatWest Simon has many years experience of working with small businesses to help them grow and is now developing quickly.

Jenifer said: “Meeting the Business Growth Hub has provided a really sound basis for the future development of my business and working with a mentor has proved to be extremely beneficial for me.”

Simon Jones said: “Jenifer is a brilliant and successful individual, but just needed someone to boost her confidence and provide guidance surrounding time and financial disciplines. We sat down and reviewed financial goals alongside structured milestones. We talked through promoting her business face to face alongside social media and backed this up with external training.

“What's in this for me? Well, I enjoy passing on my knowledge and genuinely like to see talented and dedicated people succeed in business, financially and in their personal fulfillment.”

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Hub mentor or accessing the support of a business mentor, contact the team on 0161 359 3050 or email

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