Could a student project benefit your business?

A student project with the Business School at Manchester Metropolitan University helps local businesses to grow whilst supporting the next generation of professionals to develop their skills.

Could your business benefit from a dedicated short-term project team? Do you want to support the next generation of professionals in developing their skills?

As a partner of the Business Growth Hub, the Business School at Manchester Metropolitan University has a strong commitment to connecting growing businesses with students because when these two groups share and exchange their skills and ideas, great things can happen.

Working with a student or student team gives ambitious businesses the opportunity to undertake new research and projects that will help them to develop and grow. It also gives the students an opportunity to gain valuable experience and make connections for the future.

There are two ways you can get involved in the MMU Business student projects:

Undergraduate projects

Undergraduate projects begin in October and run through the autumn term. Final year students work in teams (6 students per team) and undertake a research/consultancy exercise for you. As they are managing this project alongside their other classes, they can spend about 3 hours per week on the project. In the past, students have undertaken work such as market research, consultancy and social media campaigns.

Postgraduate projects

Postgraduate projects start around November/early December and run through to March. Depending on the subject, you can work with a group of MSc students or an individual, and they will work on the project alongside other assignments. These projects are grouped into themes:

  • Accounting and Finance - group projects involving any aspects of accounting and finance such as forecasting and budgeting; performance evaluation; balanced scorecards; sources of finance; expansion plans; corporate social responsibility; environmental management; sustainability systems, etc.
  • Advertising – group projects with an advertising bias where the students produce visuals for the client
  • General business issues – group projects around fundraising strategies; market research; strategies for expansion, finance, strategy, marketing, human resource management and ops management.

There are no fees associated with student projects and companies are not expected to give the students a salary during the time they are working on the project. The only financial outlay for you as the business will be if you agree to cover expenses such as travel or materials.

If you are interested in submitting a brief for a project, you can complete the form on the MMU Business School website listed under ‘student projects’. The closing date for project briefs is 10th October for undergraduate projects and the 31st October for postgraduate projects.

If you have a potential project in mind and would like to discuss, you can email Emma Mawby at the MMU Business Gateway team on

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