Ask The Experts: High Performance Working

Steve Burrows, Managing Director of idg, shares his top 5 tips for achieving High Performance Working in your organisation.

So what’s high performance working (hpw) all about? Is it just another fad or buzzword?

At idg we don’t believe it is. Putting it simply, high performance working is all about being the best organisation that you can be. Isn’t that what we all want to achieve?

So how do you become the best? To be the best requires conscious effort and commitment from everyone in the organisation, all of time. That’s all well and good, but how do you inspire and sustain this?

High performance working isn’t something that you can bring into an organisation it has to come from within. idg are helping to coach organisations on this journey, which is quite a different and refreshing approach to traditional consultancy and represents a fantastic opportunity to provide real embedded sustainable change.

To facilitate high performance working it’s all about taking time to understand what you are striving to achieve. We then reflect this back at you and challenge you to take on the journey towards high performance working.

We can help you to think of your organisation as a system, understanding what needs to go into that system to maximise results and achieve the break through needed. To fully understand your organisation you need to give yourself honest feedback and be prepared to hold the mirror up. You may not always like the image that you see but we will enable you to build a positive movement for change.

On your journey it’s about developing your own standards of excellence and supporting your people to develop a greater awareness of the environment around them. On this journey you will see inherent leadership qualities in your people flourish.

So for successful high performance working remember these 5 tips:

  • Take time to understand what you are striving to achieve
  • Think of your organisation as a system
  • Give yourself honest feedback and be prepared to hold up the mirror
  • Develop your own standards of excellence
  • Engage and empower your people

You can find out more about the services provided by idg on their Hub partner page

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