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Naomi Timperley, Director of @enterpriselabUK and Social Media Boom, Dragons Den survivor and Social Media fan.

Image:Naomi Timperley, Director of @enterpriselabUK and Social Media Boom, Dragons Den survivor and Social Media fan.

To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

If William Shakespeare were around today I’m sure this would be one of his quotes!

My love affair with Twitter began about two years ago when I started using it to promote events for Baby Loves Disco (@blduk). It was love at first tweet for me as I connected with other like minded businesses and people and found I had a voice in a way that had not been previously possible. I then started tweeting as myself (@naomitimperley) to build my profile, which I have done very successfully.

Twitter can be a fantastic tool to get your message across about your business, keeping an eye on the competition, networking, customer service, industry news and so much more. I launched a business (@enterpriselabuk @yenterpriselive) with two people that I met on Twitter and we have built up our profile for the business very rapidly by using Twitter!

Here are my top tips for making it work for you:

  • If you’re new to Twitter – observe first
  • Look up your competition and see what they are tweeting
  • Don’t be an 'egg' – make sure you have a profile picture or logo
  • Have a compelling bio and a website link (or Linkedin profile if you don’t have a website).
  • Follow strategically – people you know, networking contacts, other related businesses, the competition, industry related media, industry peers, related bloggers.
  • Join in conversations.
  • Use appropriate hastags (#)
  • Use # for events/seminars/training
  • If someone mentions you do respond to them
  • If someone retweets (RT) you, thank them
  • Listen to what other people have to say.
  • If your company is doing the tweets make sure the employee you choose to do it is the most passionate about the business – don’t assume it’s the youngest person in the office!
  • If someone complains about your business respond to it publicly – this is a good sign of customer service.
  • Welcome new followers.
  • Become a guru of what you do online – tweet information that is going to be of interest to your followers
  • DON’T JUST SELL SELL SELL! It’s about building up relationships first and then the sales will come!

For more tips, you can read this brilliant guide to Twitter from @smartahq

Naomi Timperley is Director of @enterpriselabuk who are hosting @yenterpriselive; Director of Social Media Boom; Dragons Den survivor; IOEE Mentor, Speaker, Social Media fan & mum!


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